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If you work a lot on the PC, in our case with Windows and the programs of the Office palette, you can’t avoid to manage many, many work steps, to bridge, to go back, to save, etc. – many of you will know it. Every now and then, however, there are shortcuts through this labyrith of work that, when added up, can save you a lot of time. We’ve collected a bit and compiled the ones that seem the most useful to us.

Windows general

 + D Show desktop
 + EOpen new window
 + F Search
 + LComputer lock
 + MMinimize everything (also +D)
 + Shift + MMaximize everything again
 + POpen menu for setting a beamer or second screen
 + RExecute Open window
 + TThumbnail view of the windows in the taskbar (with arrow keys the next or the previous window can be selected)
 + UOpen center for easier operation
 + XOpen Windows Mobility Center
 + TABSwitching between open programs (also ALT+TAB)
 + SPACEMake the active window transparent (pressed as long as)
 + 1-9Opens the first to the ninth program pinned to the task list.
 +  Window can be positioned in the screen
Ctrl + ALT + DelDeepL Access Start task manager / change user, change password / switch off PC
Alt + F4Close active window
Alt + EnterShow properties of the selected file in Explorer
Alt + PShow preview in Explorer
Ctrl + Shift + EscOpen task manager
Ctrl + CCopy selected files
Ctrl + VPaste copied / cut files
Ctrl + XCut selected files

Additional shortcuts from Win8

 + C

Switches between home screen and last app.

 + E

Opens the Charm bar, this is displayed on the right side of the desktop. Time and date are displayed at the same time

 + H

Starts the Windows Explorer

 + I

Opens the Share menu in the Charm bar

 + K

Opens the Settings menu in the Charm bar, including Control Panel

 + L

Opens the Device menu in the Charm bar

 + Q

Locks the system

 + Enter

Opens the search menu for apps

Image down

Starts the speech output

Image up

Moves the tiles of the start screen to the left

 + C

Moves the tiles of the home screen to the right

Word, Excel and Powerpoint

Key combination



Ctrl + A

Select all / Select whole sheet


Mark word

Ctrl + B

Convert selected lines to justified text


Ctrl + C

Copy selected elements (text, etc.)


Ctrl + D

Open fonts menu


Ctrl + E

Center selected lines


Center text

Ctrl + F

Search and / or replace text


Ctrl + G

Go to (enter page number, useful for large documents)


Ctrl + H

Find and / or replace text


Ctrl + J

Automatically assign headings


Ctrl + K

Insert hyperlink


Ctrl + L

Left-justify selected lines

Create table with dropdown menu

Align text left

Ctrl + M

Move line with cursor one TAB backwards


Open new page

Ctrl + N

Open new file


Ctrl + O

Open file


Ctrl + P

Open print menu


Ctrl + Q

Remove bullet points from selected lines


Close file

Ctrl + R

Right-justify selected lines


Ctrl + S

Save document


Ctrl + T

Move whole line where cursor is one TAB backwards

Create table with dropdown menu


Ctrl + V

Paste copied / cut elements


Ctrl + W

Close current document


Ctrl + X

Cut selected elements (text, etc.)


Ctrl + Y

Repeat action (after undo)


Ctrl + Z

Undo action


Ctrl + SHIFT + F

Bold selected text


Ctrl + SHIFT + K

Selected text in italics


Ctrl + SHIFT + U

Underline selected text



Space (both words stay together and are not separated)

Select whole sheet / select all



Select all / Select whole sheet

Line break in a cell



Convert selected lines to justified text

Display result of a selected range in a formula


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