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Sustainability is one of the pillars of everything we do at Gimelli Engineering.  With new ideas, we always ask how to put them into action in the most sustainable way. That’s where Sustainable Thinking comes in. With existing products, we’re focused on modifying or optimizing them in a way that improves their overall sustainability.

The result is Sustainable Engineering, with a focus on the 5 R’s. These are:

  • Reduce: create as little waste as necessary
  • Reuse: give any item a second life if possible
  • Repair: don’t throw broken items away – repair them
  • Rot: let natural products rot in compost instead of filling landfills
  • Recycle: create new products out of old ones

Particularly the term “reuse” has become a focus and the center of many of our actions and ideas. We’re creating innovative solutions to replace typical single-use products: by making smart choices regarding the materials used and modifying their production in a sustainable way, we’re often able to use such products across multiple life cycles in different ways. 

Sustainable Engineering is at the core of all things we do at Gimelli Engineering. Take a look at the stories and videos below to see just how important the topic is for us. 

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