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The #TechCrew embodies the restless spirit.

The engineering firm Gimelli Engineering AG serves as home base for the #TechCrew. Located in Bern, we infuse every project—whether national or international—with the “Ingenium Impigrum,” the restless spirit. This spirit propels us to seek solutions that far surpass the ordinary.


Our “Ingenium Impigrum” offers an experience that you can encounter in person. A visit to our office, where a cup of coffee conveys more than a thousand words, lays the foundation for a meaningful relationship.


We are pioneers, eager to gather and understand concerns and needs. Whether at a first meeting at our home base, at your premises, or digitally, this exchange marks the beginning of everything we will achieve together. Our experts are at your side from the first step, developing visionary solutions tailored specifically to you and your concerns.


Our drive for continuous learning means that we learn from the past, adapt to the present, and plan for the future. Sustainability and efficiency are key elements in this process. Our projects are always designed with a long-term perspective and resource conservation in mind.


The focus of the #TechCrew is to concentrate on what is essential. With the best tools of the present, we create quality work that is both meaningful and profitable. Our approach is guided by simple yet effective principles that embody our “Ingenium Impigrum,” marked by these core beliefs:

Honesty: We’re honest toward ourselves and others. This encompasses mutual respect, transparency,
trust, and authenticity.

Determination: We strive toward a goal. This shows in our drive, focus, discipline, perseverance,
dedication, and ambition.

Empathy: We recognize and embrace our differences. Attributes that fall into this category include
humor, positive thinking, ability to compromise, lack of prejudices, and a healthy dose of overall

Activeness: We think and work (pro)actively. Our focus here is on self-esteem, self-starting,
independence, speed, and passion.

Curiosity: We never stop learning, asking, and wondering. This includes attributes like open-
mindedness, creativity, optimism, optimism – and lots of courage, even if it means failing in the first 10

And guess what? These are not just fancy words printed onto a wall in a hipster font in our offices. There are values we live and breathe every day. We regularly look at them, analyze ourselves, and challenge each other to stay in the Gimelli spirit.


We are Gimelli! 

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