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There’s a price for our consumer society: According to one statistic, every person in Switzerland creates around 700 kg of waste – per year. At Gimelli Engineering, we constantly ask ourselves what we could do to increase this number in a global context.

Thanks to many years of experience and combined with an insatiable curiosity, we’re well positioned to improve the production of everyday consumer items and, therefore, massively improve the entire life cycle of those products. From toothbrushes to locking mechanisms to coffee machines – we use sustainable engineering to create products with a focus on Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Rot, and Recycle. Small to large, with or without electronics and sensors, simple or complex – we make the impossible possible. We’re capable of producing most common consumer items or optimizing their current form in terms of usability, design, choice of material, and sustainability.

Which consumer items would YOU like to see us optimize? Drop us a message!

The following videos provide some insight into the world of product development at Gimelli Engineering. 

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