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Robot Shows & Events

We love robots. 

We design, create, and use robots in many different areas at Gimelli Engineering. From Extended Prototyping to Production Infrastructure – robots are a topic that’s always on our minds. 

We’ve built mastery in automation, learning from hundreds of ideas, prototypes, and finished robot installations. With our Robot Shows & Events, we’re now building the bridge between society and science – we’re making automation approachable. 

We’ve got two targets: For one, we want to encourage the discussion about the latest technologies. But we also want to highlight current topics that affect us all, such as

  • climate change (energy)
  • demographic challenges (skilled worker shortage, aging populations, etc.)
  • fun and experiences day-to-day

With our shows, we focus on the four main areas below. 

But as with anything, we’re all ears for suggestions and ideas: Where would YOU like to see a Gimelli robot in action? Shoot us a message with your idea!


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