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The area of BioTech – short for “biological technology” – is huge and complex. At Gimelli, we’re laser-focused on two main areas. On one hand, we design and develop products that are then used for the production of medication and vaccines. In this area, we specifically focus on sensors to measure process parameters – such as glucose, for example.

The second area we work in is something most people would not intuitively link with the first one: the research and production of non-animal foods. Now, we’re not talking about naturally occurring food like fruit and vegetables, but rather artificially created alternatives for animal products – like artificial meat. The current trend toward veganism has kickstarted demand in this area, and we’re proud to operate at the forefront of this technological quantum leap.

BioTech gets highly complex very quickly – with terms like biocompatibility and gamma sterilization. The examples and videos below can help to get a better understanding of this abstract topic.

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