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When it comes to food & beverage, coffee is a focus at Gimelli.

No, we don’t mean that we need it to perform our duties. Well, that’s the case too, but it is not the point. We mean to say that we’re a pioneer in the design and production of devices required for coffee production, particularly the ones working with a pod system. 

Pod coffee machines are one of our showcase products. They’re a representation of the challenges and problems we face every day: 

  • How can we enable or facilitate the handling and processing of different materials (often liquids?)
  • How can we optimally combine “cooling” with “heating” of liquids? 
  • How can we minimize the maintenance work required? 
  • How can we guarantee the maximum longevity of the product?

The answers to these and many other questions often lead us to create highly customized parts that enable a new process or massively improve an existing one.

The videos and stories below provide some insight into our efforts and successes in the area of food & beverage. 

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