Test system for SBB IC2000 door operators

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News from plant engineering: the test facility for the SBB IC2000 door drives is put into operation

For the complete renewal of the IC2000 fleet, we were commissioned by SBB to develop a test facility for the door drives. The vehicles will first be dismantled, refurbished and given a new exterior paint job. Subsequently, the new and refurbished parts are assembled and put into operation. The purpose of the test facility is to ensure that the drives are tested for functionality after overhaul before they leave the overhaul plant again. The aim is to eliminate train failures due to defective doors and to make the rebuild more efficient. In particular, that defective drives are detected at an early stage and not only after installation on the wagon.

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It was a very big challenge for us and we accepted it and solved it with a lot of commitment. The analysis and documentation of the various door operators was the main focus at the beginning of the project. Through this analysis, we learned a lot for further projects. It was also important to identify the load cases on the vehicle and the corresponding associated specifications. During the conception phase, solution variants were developed, which were creatively visualized with LEGO models. This helped the project and the communication with the decision makers to reach a common understanding.

All in all, this means that reliable technology can only be guaranteed with tests. SBB tests the function of the revised IC2000 door drives 1:1 before installing them in the train car. A 115kg simulation weight is used as a replacement for the train door. A sophisticated guidance system ensures that the test conditions match reality. We have successfully completed the project and we are proud that we could master such a big challenge. Our conclusion from this project is that we have learned a lot in the field of special machine construction and we go into new projects with a lot of know-how. Developed and built in Bern, operated in Olten, the result can be shown most simply in this video.

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