Spin off: MeSentia AG

This blog is translated from German with DeepL.

In this sketchbook you will learn the story of the start-up company  MeSentia AG.

The basic technology was developed by the development team of Gimelli Engineering AG. MeSentia AG is a spin-off of Gimelli Engineering AG and, so to speak, the producing arm for sustainable products. Together, the two companies create creative and recyclable products.

Our sales manager Martin Kropf  is a hunter-gatherer in the 21st century and is constantly on the hunt for new ideas and innovations for product developments that take into account the basic idea of the circular economy. Instead of synthetic fibers, natural fibers are used and thermosetting plastic (resin) is replaced by high-quality thermoplastics. This creates the conditions for a chair to later become a table or bookshelf. For this purpose, MeSentia has invested in a custom-made press, which is used to produce sustainable raw materials from various sheets.

Have you now thought about what such a construct made of sustainable plastics might look like? Then read our tip about sustainability and learn more about the construction of an exhibition stand.

Now maybe watching the video will give you a spontaneous idea for a product you would like to develop with us.

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