Relocation & Lessons Learned

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Pictures say more than words

Anyone who has ever moved with a company or made a new logo / corporate design knows that one could write books with the experiences. Also our experiences are too versatile to write them down here in prose.

Therefore, we have put together a picture gallery for you to illustrate this part of our company history. Have fun with our picture gallery.

Lessons Learned

What went well for us?

  • The cooperation with Simplex as our new landlord was cooperative, goal-oriented and simply always great!
  • The layout planning was not only fun, but also developed several times in different directions. Here, the exchange in a small planning team has proven very useful.
  • A clear planning of the preparation work helped us to use targeted resources for it at targeted times and to let the rest of the team work 100% normally.
    Our guidelines have proven to be:
    a) stage planning depending on the availability requirements of the equipment.
    b) first clean out, then pack up
    c) each box has a clear destination in the new layout and is labeled, and
    d) if possible, move boxes stay where they were packed.
  • The move itself went flawlessly. Again, the recipe for success was good planning and organization, a layout with sectors and furniture numbers, and splitting our team into those who helped move and those who compensated or worked offline during the time. This way we were able to move everything in two days and after that the office workstations were already fully operational again.


What could have gone better?

  • The sorting and clearing work in some areas took much longer than planned after the move. On the one hand, there were areas that were not moved into the same furniture, which meant that a new move-in concept was required, and on the other hand, there were areas that had not been tidied up before the move. In this case, it is advisable to allow a little more time before tidying up, to have a display area so that an overview can be maintained, and to check regularly with the move management.
  • In some cases, this also led to the fact that during the tidying up process, new order was not created, but was first tidied up out of a desire for speed. The result was that a week later it was cleared out again, sorted and rearranged.
    Especially in the workshop area, we still did not “clean out” enough, so that we once again disposed of two pallets full of equipment and material at the new location.
  • It turned out that it is not so easy to think of all documents and platforms when changing logos and addresses. Here, a prior collection of this information from the whole team would have helped, so that not one person has to think of everything.


Of course, we are at your disposal if you are also planning a move with your SME and would like to benefit from our experience.

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