Pick-it camera: Our robots learn to see

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The Pick-it Vision System and the PANDA Robot Get to Know Each Other

To enable the optical detection of objects in three dimensions, we have brought together the Pick-it Vision System and the PANDA robot and created a common communication interface for them. We offer an App Package PPG1 that controls this interaction.

We work with PANDA and  Pick-it because both companies share a philosophy on how automation should take place. As a development partner of  FRANKA EMIKA , we were interested in integrating optical recognition into  FRANKA World. First development plans took place between Michel Perret, CEO Gimelli Engineering AG and Bert Willaert, CTO Pick-it at the Hannovermesse 2019. A few months later, we developed a very flexible and operational solution – Franka + Pick-it.

Franka’s business model is very different from other robotics manufacturers. It is absolutely necessary to purchase the hardware – the PANDA robot. At the same time, it is necessary to install various apps to perform the desired tasks. An app can perform very simple tasks, such as closing the gripper arm, or perform complex requests, as is the case with movements and logical sequences. Although Franka currently offers only one size of robot on the market, countless applications for simple automated tasks are possible with this PANDA. They are limited by the reach (855mm) and the working weight (3kg). Important to mention in this context are the highly sensitive functions of the Panda robot.

Currently we offer three application packages. The application package APG1 enables all necessary basic functions and we have a SmartCam package in the offer  SPG1. With the Pickit package PPG1 we have extended the offer in the area of 2D/3D visualization.

PPG1 includes six apps and supports all basic functions to work with Pickit 3D vision systems. The Pickit system is connected to the robot controller with Ethernet (TCP/IP). In the same network, a small PC (available from Gimelli Engineering AG) is connected to control the communication between the camera and the robot.

Do you have an application question about visual detection and further processing of parts? We will be happy to work with you to find a solution for your application and introduce you to the Panda robot.

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