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This blog is translated from German with DeepL.

In this post we explain the interaction of Franka Emika‘s Panda Robots and their associated apps.

You may remember our friend and collaborator Levi. We hired him in December 2017. Since then, our first Panda Robot, which we affectionately called Levi, has been surrounded by several successors and, together with currently around 50 self-programmed apps, is a great support in our daily work.

What you have to think about when you purchase a Panda robot is clearly shown in this picture. Automating a workflow can be profitable in many cases.

A Panda robot is quickly procured and the purchase price is relatively low. The scope of delivery includes pure hardware. To interact with the Panda Robot, you need apps. They are the heart of the Panda Robot, but are not included in the standard scope of delivery, but can be purchased when ordering from FrankaWorld. The advantage with the Panda Robot is the simple programming of the apps. With just a few clicks in a browser-based interface and a few movements with the robot arm, a simple program can already be created. For more specific applications that are not easily possible with the basic functions or for the operation of special devices, gripper accessories or vacuum pumps, you need more complex apps. We at Gimelli Engineering AG recommend an individual training adapted to your needs.

How does the interaction of apps and the robot work?

On each robot you can install single apps but also packages of apps, so called bundles. They bring the Panda robot to life and execute the programmed sequence of tasks. We have developed apps for many standard applications that are compatible with the Panda Robot and accessories (e.g. camera connection). A detailed description of the individual use cases can be found in the AppWorld. Individual solutions can be developed and, with good training, can also be operated by employees who are not familiar with robotics. From cello-playing robots to beverage dispensing and industrial applications, the interaction of hardware and software enables the realization of a wide variety of customer-specific applications.

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