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A field report by Tobias Theuer

What do I actually want to tell you about this huge topic? I could write a lot about image composition, frame rates, HD, 4K, editing, etc.

Far more experienced people can explain it to you much better on Youtube. So I would rather write about my personal experience. So if you’re expecting a tutorial with tips & tricks, you’d better get out of here.

I bought my first camera about 10 years ago. Actually, I mainly wanted to take pictures. But since this device already had a video and even slow motion function at that time, I naturally experimented with these functions.

Soon I bought a new camera and various accessories. Since I also wanted to continue taking pictures, the logical step was to get a DSLR, an SLR camera. During this time, these cameras also gained importance in the industry and, for example, a complete episode of Dr. House was shot with a Canon 5D MKII.

DSLRs have some advantages for beginners. They offer possibilities for a manageable budget that are otherwise reserved for professional film cameras. For example, even with inexpensive lenses, it is possible to shoot with depth of field. And this gives the shots the professional look and allows certain film techniques and image compositions.

The choice of lenses is huge and manufacturers like Sigma and Tamron sell very good lenses for a fair price. Meanwhile, there are every imaginable accessories for SLR cameras for all kinds of purposes and you can invest any amount of money.

I work with relatively simple equipment. A tripod with video head for smooth pans, a self-made “slider” for simple, stable camera movements and a steadycam if I want to move independently.

Source: Camera equipment Gimelli Engineering AG

Script and preparations
Now I have actually already written too much about equipment. Because a pen alone does not make a picture. It takes a lot of knowledge, practice, creativity and above all enthusiasm. I try to capture the interesting angles and details in my work and also have no problem with simply stealing an idea from a film or a tutorial. Because that’s the only way to understand the ideas behind it. Especially in the beginning it helps to write a little script instead of just filming.

Source: Gimelli Engineering Robotic Lab Filming Preparations

Finally, a few remarks about editing
Find a program that suits you and offers exactly the capabilities you are looking for. I use Adobe Premiere which suits me very well for editing and offers some advanced features for animation and very good image correction. This as well as most of the other programs you can try for free. It’s worth it to find the right one for your application.

Also deal with the legal aspects if you want to publish something. Music can be very tricky and you should definitely follow the rules for filming passers-by. Here is a valuable link on this

Topic: Source DBKaktuell 10-2014.

Source: Gimelli Filming Panda Co-Pilot

Even today, the moving image is becoming increasingly important. See TikTok.

And that’s why I’ve already been allowed to capture some of our work and projects on film for Gimelli.

In 2018, for example, we made our most ambitious video to date to promote the Panda Robot.

Source: Youtube Channel A decent co pilot -Gimelli Engineering AG

Source: Youtube Channel Making of a decent co pilot – Gimelli Engineering AG

In the meantime, a few more videos on the Panda and image films on two plants we built have followed.

We still have many ideas and if secrecy and daily business do not stand too firmly in our way, you will hopefully soon be able to see them on our Youtube channel and on social media.

To all who are interested in the topic: Take your cell phone, get out there and just do it!

Videos from our own production

Source: Youtube Channel  Anlagebau Schraubautomat – Gimelli Engineering AG

Source: Youtube Channel Test system for SBB IC2000 door operators – Gimelli Engineering AG


Source: Youtube Channel Know! How! Now! Chess Bot – Gimelli Engineering AG

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