Man – Machine: My work with “Levi

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Roboting made easy

“Levi”, that’s how we christened our panda robot. Gimelli hired this “employee” in December 2017. Since then, he has performed numerous tests, wowed masses of trade show visitors, and was even once a passenger in our boss’s car.

But what sets this robot apart from other machines its size? Is it the seven axes, the high sensitivity or the relatively low purchase price? These may be advantages of the Panda robot, but much more significant is the ease of programming. With a few clicks in a browser-based interface and a few movements with the robot arm, a simple program can already be created.
The following video demonstrates how easy it is to quickly program a simple application. Three Lego bricks are assembled here.

If after watching this video you think: I could have programmed that, you are right. Even without experience with robots you can operate the Panda.

But there are special applications that are not readily possible with the basic functions demonstrated or require special fixtures or gripper accessories. However, for the development team of Gimelli Engineering AG (almost) nothing is impossible. Contact us if you see an application for the Panda robot at your site.

You can find more information here.

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