The DUAL TASK app is a supportive app. It generates two parallel execution lanes for each inserted app. The app can be used multiple times. The tracks are processed simultaneously. If one lane takes longer than another, the app waits for the slowest lane before closing.

  • Execution of several actions at the same time
  • Positioning the gripper during a movement
  • Controlling of external peripherals during a movement
  • Reading external sensor signals during a movement


Limitations / possible parameterisation failure
  • When using DUAL TASK pay attention to the parameterisation of the force threshold values. Basically, the app is based on the set thresholds of the task. Using apps that override the limits may result in misbehavior or error stopping.
  • It is not possible to run more than one motion app at the same time. DUAL TASK basically uses motion on one lane and pure logic on all other lanes.