The CART FLEX app is a supportive app. Within this supportive app the behavior is according to the settings. The CART FLEX app enables the user to set a so-called softness/rigidity at the position of the TCP (end effector coordinate system). This can be defined in all six degrees of freedom.

  • Local change of stiffness
  • Sensitive processes
  • Inaccurate processes
  • In the presence of large tolerance fields of the components
  • Poor orientation of the components
  • Assembly processes
  • Screw applications (find thread start)
  • Damping


Limitations / possible parameterisation failure
  • Too high stiffness often leads to errors at low force threshold values.
  • Certain apps are not affected by these settings. The user can independently check the suitability by adjusting the global task settings “CARTESIAN COMPLIANCE”. Provided that COMPLIANCE corresponds, the app is suitable for CART FLEX.