The app TCP SHIFT moves the TCP (Tool Center Point) to a defined position relative to a reference point (position of end effector or cartesian reference).

  • Local relocation of the TCP, e.g. when using a gripper and an additional screwing unit. You can locally move the TCP to the tip point of the screwdriver.
Limitations / possible parametrisation failure
  • The settings are active as soon as the app executes. You have to reset the settings at a reasonable point in the task.
  • The functions set the values globally hence, it is applied in all other tasks as well. Be aware especially when an error occurs without RESET of the settings!
    * Firmware 4.0.4 resets this temporary tool transformation, in between task executions!
  • We guarantee the compatibility only in combination with Gimelli Engineering Apps.
System requirements
  • PANDA robot with Firmware 4+ (for 3.x. available on request).