The TAKE app is a single app. With this app you can grab objects with the Cobot Pump. In the settings you can adjust the object weight. Starting the app activates the Cobot Pump and switches it on with the adjusted vacuum pressure. If the vacuum does not establish within the preset time, the app triggers an error.

  • Gripping and picking objects.
Limitations / possible parameterisation failure
  • Functional and optimised for the standard Cobot Pump.
  • The vacuum may not establish if you have a wrong position while switching it on.
  • A wrong vacuum „insert“ may cause errors.
  • Follow the necessary safety instructions when you pick objects with heavy weights, a low or far off lateral centre of gravity, plunge, etc.
  • Make sure that you optimise the gripping system for the object.
  • The app does not register any object loss after grabbing. Use the apps TAKE MOVE & DETACH MOVE.
  • We guarantee the compatibility only in combination with Gimelli Engineering Apps.
System requirements
  • PANDA robot with Firmware 4+ (for 3.x. available on request).
  • Schmalz Cobot Pump Feature.
  • Cobot Pump.