Performs a Cartesian movement from the current position. The orientation (rotation) takes place in a defined order. Optionally, reset the movement including the application of force or torque over a certain period of time (jogging at target position).

  • Displacements of the end effector within the working area, where the absolute coordinate is not relevant or possible.
  • Tap on control element.
Limitations / possible parameterisation failure
  • Tap With Force Mode: Works best when Coordinate Frame is set to “Local”, and only one direction is set to non-zero. Always set force thresholds higher than the applied force. Depending on the axis orientation and position in space, the joint torque thresholds can lead to errors. Maintain the maximum torques limits per axis (see Panda user manual).
  • We guarantee the compatibility only in combination with Gimelli Engineering Apps.
System requirements
  • PANDA robot with Firmware 4+.