You can access an object position provided by the Pick-it Vision system with this app.
The following settings can be made:

  • Safe height in mm (approach point Z offset to the object coordinates in the end effector coordinate system)
  • Correction factor of the object surface in mm in Z-direction of the end effector coordinate system
  • Speed and acceleration for the movements within the app
  • Deactivation of object orientation
  • Optional transfer point before object approach

It is highly recommended to perform a verification in the Gimelli Robotics Lab, which will check and interpret the suitability and choice of the corresponding Vision App and camera equipment (lens, iris, illumination).

  • Separating bulk material (bin picking)
  • Capturing objects in 3D space
  • Sorting objects
  • Singeling objects


Limitations / possible parameterisation failure
  • The app is designed for the use of a Pick-it Vision System of the Pick-it N.V.
  • The app cannot be executed without previous conduction of PICKIT DETECT.
  • The camera is mounted statically (not on the robot).
  • No adjustability of speed and acceleration possible on individual sections.
  • Axle limitations when gripping an object.
  • The orientation of the object in the storage position may be inverted by 180°, depending on the settings and the object.
  • The vision system must be able to recognise an object, otherwise problems will arise and the app will not work. Any visual aspects have nothing to do with the app function.
  • Pick frame of object is not oriented correctly (Z pick frame has to be in the opposite direction of the Z end effector).
  • Objects cannot be seized due to incorrect parameterisation of the vision system.

System requirements:

  • PANDA robot with firmware up to 3.1.0*
  • Communication interface PICKIT (software LINUX based)*
  • Pick-it Vision System

* Available at Gimelli Engineering AG