With the Pick-it Vision System you can request and provide an object position with this app. Use the app where long calculation times exist.

You can use robot actions, e.g. movement to the drop-off point as calculation time.

It is highly recommended to perform a verification in the Gimelli Robotics Lab, which will check and interpret the suitability and choice of the corresponding Vision App and camera equipment (lens, iris, illumination).

  • Providing object positions for the PICKIT MOVE TO app or PICKIT TRY ELSE.
Limitations / possible parameterisation failure
  • The app is designed for the use of a Pick-it Vision System of the Pick-it N.V.
  • It is compulsory to use the app in combination with the PICKIT MOVE TO/PICKIT TRY ELSE app.
  • The vision system must be able to recognise an object, otherwise problems will arise and the app will not work. Any visual aspects have nothing to do with the app function.
  • PICKIT DETECT ensures the provision of the object position after the execution of the app. This position remains available even if the TASK has been disrupted. Consequently, make sure that you perform PICKIT DETECT again prior to PICKIT MOVE TO. Otherwise, it may happen that the robot moves to an outdated position.
  • Before you call PICKIT MOVE TO, ensure that the vision system has completed the object detection.
  • We guarantee the compatibility only in combination with Gimelli Engineering Apps. 
System requirements
  • PANDA robot with firmware up to 3.1.0*
  • Communication interface PICKIT (software LINUX based)*
  • Pick-itVision System

* Available at Gimelli Engineering AG