Calibrate a Pick-it Vision System with the app.

  • Calibration of a Pick-it Vision System camera.

It is highly recommended to perform a verification in the Gimelli Robotics Lab, which will check and interpret the suitability and choice of the corresponding Vision App and camera equipment (lens, iris, illumination).

Limitations / possible parameterisation failure
  • The app is designed for the use of a Pick-it Vision System of the Pick-it N.V.
  • No adjustability of speed and acceleration possible.
  • The vision system must be able to recognize the reference plate, otherwise problems will arise and the app will not work.
  • We guarantee the compatibility only in combination with Gimelli Engineering Apps. 
System requirements
  • Panda robot with firmware up to 3.1.0*
  • Communication interface PICKIT (software LINUX based)*
  • Pick-it Vision System

* Available at Gimelli Engineering AG