This app is used to visually check the Tool Center Point (endeffector frame). Three positions can be programmed in the app. The coordinates and the orientation of the first position are stored, whereas for the other two points, only the orientation of the tool (TCP) is saved. As soon as the app is executed, the robot systematically moves to the programmed point with three different orientations. A static reference helps with the assessment.

The app is to be solely used in a temporary task.

  • Checking of manually adjusted end effector coordinates
  • Increase of accuracy


Limitations / possible parameterisation failure
  • The app should not be used within a task combined with other apps. But technically this works. The app serves more as an independent programming tool.
  • The app is designed for the standard settings of the FRANKA EMIKA hand / pump. If the orientation transformation has been fundamentally changed, it can lead to collisions or misbehavior.
  • During programming pay attention to defining the different values of orientation as individually as necessary. Greater deviations quickly lead to inaccessible positions (axle limitations).