The app enables the Panda robot to grasp pieces on a platform parallel to the XY plane of the base coordinate system. For the parametrization of the app the following settings are required:

  1. Breakpoint, transfer point, reaching height & global speed / acceleration
  2. Offset grip point in X and Y direction (definition where to grasp the component)
  3. Open and closed grip position (inside-out grasp possible)
  4. Retraction height in mm in relation to the grip height
  5. Number of the expected parts per app cycle (differences lead to an error message)
  6. Camera settings (coordinates adjustment, adjustment of the camera to the robot base, etc.)

It is highly recommended to perform a verification in the Gimelli Robotics Lab, which will check and interpret the suitability and choice of the corresponding Vision App (2D, 2.5D, VACUUM, PICK, MODBUS, etc.) and camera equipment (lens, iris, illumination).

  • Recognizing, grasping and putting down static exposed objects on a plane to a selected location.
  • Sorting objects
  • Separating objects


Limitations / possible parameterisation failure
  • This app is designed for the use of the SmartCamera BVS by Balluff GmbH
  • The camera needs to recognize an object, otherwise problems arise and the app does not work. Any visual aspects have nothing to do with the functions of the app (such as light, object lens, aperture etc.)
  • Speed and acceleration are not adjustable on individual legs.
  • Grasping of objects on the outer contour may lead to collisions between the gripper and other objects. Ideally the component parts can be grasped within the outer contour. The alignment of the gripper depends on the adjustments of the end effector in DESK and is the same for each object (Z robot parallel to Z end effector). We recommend to work with the default settings of the hand.

System requirements:

  • PANDA robot incl. Franka Hand with firmware up to 3.0.0 *
  • Communication interface BALLUFF (software based on LINUX) *
  • BALLUFF SMART CAM / Ethernet or Wireless network *

* Available at Gimelli Engineering AG