Automation systems


The collaboration between human and machine offers a broad range of interpretation in which it is eminently important to define how oneself understands this symbiosis and first and foremost: how to handle it. Particularly as an extension to one’s own resources.

We define it like this: the flexible toolbox.

We have sent our own Panda on an adventurous jouney – take a look under the heading “Co-pilot” and smile.

Application possibilities

The following videos show at leat to some extend the thinkable range of applications in the collaboration between human and machine – robotic system PANDA.

Production plastic bracket 


Endurance test battery compartment


Endurance test suitcase


Endurance test spring


Oven loading


Endurance test anti-theft protection


Test digital lock

Automation systems

What’s it all about?

It’s about collaboration between human and machine. It is becoming clear on the most recent industrial fairs that automation is no process, which only involves the big industrial machines. The amount of innovative and affordable “small solutions” with individual customization options is growing rapidly.

The answer is: Panda. This robot model is the product of the Franka Emika company, which has won the “German Future Award 2017”.

What makes the Panda so special?

The Panda is absolutely individually operable. And that not only by elaborate programming, but by especially customized apps.

Our video:

A decent co-pilot…

The scope of putting the Panda-robot to use.


„How did we end up with this video?“

Indeed – how did we do that? As we don’t want to conceal this from you, please take a look at

Making of a decent co-pilot


Would you like some more of Panda?

Of course we have been giving several different tasks to accomplish to our little robot. If you like to have a closer look, please visit our Automation-systems page or contact us directly.

Increase precision and precise repetition accuracy within the processes? There are worksteps where preciseness couldn’t be achieved manually, or lot sizes which cannot be handled by hand.

An analysis of your production projects shows us ways for possible realisations. We, through an economic efficiency calculation, are able to present the optimal concept. Subsequently, for us a systematic implementation starts, which we complete by training your team, with service and support.

  • Cleaning system
  • Processing systems with an industrial robot
  • Configuration- and testing system
  • Flanging machine
  • Assembly machine