Michel Perret

Managing Director
+41 31 919 10 13

For Michel Perret the fascination of soccer lies within achieving common goals and through traveling he explores the fascinating diversity of languages.

With a BSc in Mechanical Engineering Michel Perret is our holder and CEO.

Christian Graf

Head of development
+41 31 919 10 12

Christian Graf is our head of development with the degree in mechanical engineering. Too, he is a member of our executive board and a trainer at the Samaritans Federation. He conveys knowledge, maintains contacts and helps others. His ideal balance to his many tasks is playing the pan flute with friends.

Susanne Straub

Head of Finances and HR
+41 31 919 10 08

Susanne Straub, having graduated in business administration, finds herself through ZEN meditation. As a balance to her daily occupations as head of Finance and HR and as a member of the executive board, she finds her solutions within the exercise of cycling.

Martin Kropf

Head of Sales
+41 31 919 10 04

The highly skilled precision mechanic and trained social pedagogue is a passionate father of three.
Constructing fire organs, flying objects, tables or beeing outside while trecking, biking and working in the garden: the spare time of our member of the executive board has to be exciting and preferably creative.

Fabienne Scheurer

031 919 10 06

Thrilled by the fascination of ice hockey since childhood, Fabienne Scheurer accompanies her favorite team with great passion. She enjoys snowboarding, loves sports over all and is an avid globetrotter. In all her activities, she gathers a lot of energy for her daily work in the back-office.

Beat Heiniger

Project manager
+41 31 919 10 00

Brisk wind, foaming surf and the kite above his head: that’s the way development engineer Beat Heiniger relaxes from his daily duties. He exercises his tinkering skills not only on the job, but in model making at home, too.

Martin Messerli

Project manager
+41 31 919 10 02

Martin Messerli enjoys programming in C# and Java. He has a particular interest in logic and mathematics as a supplement to his work in designing and developing, being a project manager with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering.

Thomas Muhr

Project manager
+41 31 919 10 03

Intense concentration and the ability to anticipate the consequences of one’s actions – development engineer Thomas Muhr is addicted to Billiard. On city-trips he loves to look into architecture and culture. Open-mined and team-oriented is also his motto in being a project manager.

Lukas Schmutz

Project manager
+41 31 919 10 14

Six players, no more than three touches per side: volleyball demands intense concentration, which very much suits Lukas Schmutz. He also loves the close fellowship sports build up, and puts both to full use in his job as a graduated mechanical engineer.

Tobias Theuer

Project manager
+41 31 919 10 11

Being an ambitious photographer and video artist the biking design engineer and technician HF never gets bored. Relaxing is only possible for him, if the day has been truly filled out. If there still is some time left, he loves making furniture.

Samuel Schranz

Development engineer
+41 31 919 10 15

Samuel Schranz works off his excess energy on the squash court, and depending where the degreed engineer FH in micro-technology uses his hands on keyboards, either pleasant music or technical objects come into existence. The latter signify for his work as our design engineer.

Roman Vogler

Development engineer
+41 31 919 10 10

Roman Vogler is our ecological ace. He has already made a cycling trip from Switzerland to China. It might be assumed, that our degreed engineer FH in machine technique cannot be brought so quickly out of tranquility and concentrates on the essentials as a design engineer.

Beat von Mühlenen

Development engineer
+41 31 919 10 09

Whether being an active horn player, mountain-biker, hiker or an avid skier, Beat von Mühlenen combines the creative with the ambitious within his off-work time and also in his job as a mechanical and design engineer.

René Wachter

Development engineer
+41 31 919 10 18

Outdoor sports, travelling and technology are René Wachter’s passion, who has a degree in mechanical engineering and a master in Business Administration. He also finds his inspiration through the lense as an enthusiastic photographer.

Marko Maksic

Application engineer
+41 31 919 10 01

Fixing, crafting and disassembling are the great strengths of Marko Maksic. Whether it is an automobile, a precision mechanical machine or the wide range of materials, there are no limits for Marko’s skills. He spends his spare time studying for a Bsc in mechanical engineering.

Walter Messerli

Plastics technologist
+41 31 919 10 17

Walter Messerli practices yoga to get in touch with his true self, and goes hiking to contemplate the mysteries of nature. On a more down-to-earth note, he is a plastics technologist (TS), a designer and the webmaster of our Gimelli website.

Tillman Paul

Product designer
+41 31 919 10 15

Tillman Paul is one of our creative thinkers as Product designer. We can count on his knowledge in every kind of design or conceptual stages. His passion for the Carnival of Basel awakes the creator and tinkerer in him, which he also enjoys if he screws at his old VW-busses.

Pascal Sommer

Software developer / robotics
+41 31 919 10 10

Codes and numbers are Pascal Sommers passion, his fervor is to get robots to move. His studies for the degree of a  BSc ETH in CSE are not just the studies themselves but are his vocation.

Michael Helms

+41 31 919 10 02

Michael Helms is our professional tinkerer, who has made his second home in our FabLab. As specialist for machine tools, he is responsible for the maintenance, too. In his free time he rides a motorbike and likes coding.

Julien Feliser

+41 31 919 10 07

Our designer Julien Feliser flies with his “fully” offroad as well as with his model aircrafts high in the sky. He recharges his batteries at alternative metal and rock concerts or he just disassembles his pc into it’s single components. And – being a thoroughbred designer: assembles them again.

Samuel Roggli

+41 31 919 10 19

Riding a racing bike is part of Samuel Roggli’s everyday life. Motivation and endurance are essential on a climb, total concentration and precision critical on a decent. Being a newly graduated designer he can rely on these skills.

S. Sundaralingam

Designer apprentice
+41 31 919 10 10

Being a true Marvel-fan Sujeerthanan likes to spend his spare time in the cinema, but he also loves to play soccer or basketball. Listening to music is another way for him to draw strength for his apprenticeship in engineering.

Shahin Alaoui

Designer apprentice
+41 31 919 10 10

Shahin Alaoui makes his apprenticeship in engineering EFZ. Our shooting star spends his spare time on the pitch. When his head is smoldering like a chimney because of CAD tinkering and vocational school, he dons his boxing gloves and workes off.


+41 31 919 10 10

Our “LEVI” is really doing all what he’s being told, but not an ounce more – a genuine minimalist.
LEVI requires some patience while learning his tasks, but as he needs to know how to do something the next 10.000 times, that’s ok. If you are interested to work with LEVI, you can rely on our support and advice.

Onsite & Support

There for You!
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Are you looking for a supporting member in your team or maybe assistance with a specific problem? We solve problems for you because we can provide highly qualified resources, which can be at your disposal straightforward on short notice.
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