We will waive to present all those colourful logos of the company we proudly count to our client base here. As we keep customer relationships as well as technological knowledge and project information strictly confidential.

What we wish to say about it, is that we already gathered experiences before 1995, then still being part of the Gimelli Group, by manufacturing small appliances. Since then our team, our knowledgebase as well as the range of our activities in different industry sectors have grown immensely. In case you ask yourself what we are actually doing – a few examples of our field of work can be given. These include inter alia:

  • Luggage
  • Coffee machines
  • Automatic drinking systems
  • Learning landscapes
  • Body-grooming systems
  • Medical aids
  • Humidifier
  • Communication systems
  • Industrial fans
  • Testing systems for passenger transport
  • Pet care

But that is just a sneak peek. Please just ask us, whether we can realize your idea.

Special attention has surely to be focussed on medical devices – not only from the basic requirement of overall top performance in engineering, but also with the ulterior motive of human health being the starting and the ending point. For the development of surgical instruments, dosage- or application systems and ergonomically perfected medical aids, years of experience are needed as well as trained specialists. We can offer both.

Body care is not just a piece of soap or a hairbrush. Body care is becoming more and more a concept of well-being, not a necessary daily duty, but a celebrated experience to increase the quality of life. Many devices facilitate and enhance this experience – e.g. the soap dispenser, the electric toothbrush or the towel warmer. The list of examples is arbitrarily long.
We are also active in this area and multinational companies worldwide distribute personal body care devices developed by us.

The equipment or machine that optimizes specific applications or production processes is simply not always available. Tailor-made means identifying and eliminating factors that affect optimal quality and performance. Tailor-made here means the individually designed special machine, the perfectly coordinated use of industrial robots and the well thought through ergonomics. This requires consistent approach, experience and planning. We offer solutions for this.

In order to successfully build quality tools you need experience, a high level of expertise and qualified suppliers. Our specialty are injection moulding tools, which are mainly used in the fields of medicine and precision mechanics – and customer satisfaction meets our high standards right here.
But we are also adept when it comes to “low cost tooling” for small and pre-series. Just contact us for a tailor-made offer.