The best references given are the successes our clients experience with our developments. As an independent service provider we always treat technological knowledge and specific project information strictly confidential.

Until 1995 we mainly gathered experiences with small device manufacturing. With the team growing since then, the range of applications has steadily grown, too. A few examples are luggage, coffee machines, automatic drinking systems, humidifier and communication systems. Name your specific field of interest. We will examine, how to answer your request.

The development of medical devices is a specialists’ issue. It is essential to know the demands of the user and to respond to it. Necessary competences for surgical instruments, dosage- or application systems and ergonomically perfected expedients will surely be found by you at the Gimelli Engineering AG

Bodycare is a fundamental need of any human being. With useful and sensible devices bodycare is made easier and turned into an enjoyable experience. International companies worldwide distribute devices developed by us.

Special machine construction literally is special.The detection of individual problems and their solutions require a consequent proceeding and knowledge. We are just the partner you are looking for, when there is need for special machines, equipment or the use of an industrial robot.

A clever device helps to maintain constant quality and high level output. Ergonomics serve to the satisfaction of users, while sparing the latter to become fatigued at the same time.

Expertise and experience concerning injection moulding tool production are guarantees to success and customer satisfaction. Expertise in combination with our network of qualified distributors is the key to the best possible quality and optimal throughput times. Our quality tools are mainly used in the area of medicine and precision mechanics. The Gimelli Engineering AG is also continually active within “low cost tooling” for pilot or small series.