We believe in a world where products and production infrastructure focus on human needs and are fair and transparent to all stakeholders, especially regarding aspects such as the environment, sustainability and ethics. We are professional tinkerers. Theory needs practice!

Our vision is no wishful thinking nor a goal but it is the way leading there. Because:

…being developers and designers we believe in solutions by design. Not by standards. Keeping to standards is good, but the knowledge why something does works or does not work is paramount to finding the perfect solution.

…as “a” team we ensure that our resources are used carefully and in cooperation for our companies business only. The concentration of our abilities goes towards collaboration, keeping and expanding our knowledgebase, enriching our experiences, the environment and above all towards our customers.

… as an employer we pursue transparency, self-reliance, maturity and trust through honesty.

…the journey is the destination. No goal can be defined to achieve this vision. The destination solely is our focus, thus approaching in a highly fexible way and always with the awareness that there is no end to this road.

Yes, here we could be explaining our whole history from 1995 on to you at large. Or how great we are. But is it this you are interested in? The core is but who we are now, not what we have been. We are “the” team, which likes to act in order to convince you that we are the right people for your idea. Call us, send a mail or use the “I want” button and we will be there.

In case you have the feeling that you really have to know something about our background, well, here it is:

An old and good tradition: Through a management buyout in 1995 Gimelli Engineering AG started into independence from the Gimelli Group. Having grown in employees, experience and professional experts, Michel Perret took over the successfully established company in 2014. Countless innovative products and services which we realise for our continually growing base of faithful clients, carry our very heart and soul. This and our values form a stable basis.
By perception of this main company idea we develop and craft products and solutions for example consumer goods, care products or medical industries.

To bring your ideas to life and let them become real we use the following software:



Being comfortable is essential for work. In our office we feel very comfortable:

For laboratory studies, assemblies and production we use our workshop, respectively our laboratory:

Not only craftmanship, but 3D printing also is a piece of cake:

Our most relaxed members of staff have their own workplace here: Robots in the heart of things, not standing by:


Our access and entrance is located toward “Waldstrasse”. Two visitor parking spaces are on the right hand side between “Meienstrasse” and “Waldstrasse”. Only ringing the bell separates you from the Gimelli Engineering AG. Enter and we open the doors for you. Then ascend step for step to the second floor.