We are professional tinkerers. Theory needs practice!

We respond quickly and flexibly. We have a high availability of resources.

We have faces, hence personality.

We will accompany you through all steps of your product development.

We advocate frankness and transparency as the foundation for our joint success.

An old and good tradition.

Through a management buyout in 1995 Gimelli Engineering AG started into independence from the Gimelli Group. Having grown in employees, experience and professional experts, Michel Perret took over the successfully established company in 2014. Countless innovative products and services which we realise for our continually growing base of faithful clients, carry our very heart and soul. This and our values form a stable basis.

Successful together by exchange of knowledge.

By perception of this main company idea we develop and craft products and solutions for example consumer goods, care products or  medical industries. Our aim is to surpass your expectations. We are inventive, ingenious and provide durable solutions. A team of technical specialists rises to your challenges.

Quality is the foundation of our company. Not by obligation but by conviction we live our quality management since 2003. We are certified by the global leader Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS).


To bring your ideas to life and let them become real we use:



Take the elevator or ascend step for step to lofty heights. Only ringing the bell separates you from the Gimelli Engineering AG on the 5th floor.