Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies? What for? Well, it’s simple: it is important to find out if pre-defined requirements go hand in hand with the compiled solution approaches. If a product is functioning – which of course is the main concern – but also if components are available, if there are adequate suppliers and how it will be manufactured. How much time has to be calculated, what are the estimated costs and will the required standards be met?

Here the feasibility study shows the exact right way: which solution approach is the most reasonable one and which way is not worth continuing. Economical aspects and risks have to be considered beforehand, not when it’s already too late. Thus you are able to make a better planning and gain timely insights into a calculated development – which you are better able to direct and which helps you to make your decicions.

The feasibility study is like a navigation tool for planning the route of the complete development. One finds the way without it, sure, but the danger of getting lost on the way is definitely higher.