Circular economy: the vision of MeSentia

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Sustainability. What does that mean?

In MeSentia’s eyes, sustainability means applying the current state of the art in a sensible way and always being aware of where there is still potential for optimization. For MeSentia, this comes into play especially in processing/production in the materials used and the effective use of the product.

“Recycling. It can be that simple.

Products from MeSentia AG are sustainable and easy to recycle. MeSentia processes a wide variety of natural fibers (flax, jute, hemp, etc.) and combines them with high-quality thermoplastics. It combines renewable raw materials with the essential advantages of petroleum-based plastics. The semi-finished product is then available in sheet form and offers many advantages in further processing – especially in shaping (forming, bending, etc.) and in joining options (welding without adhesives). MeSentia focuses on the circular economy and thus pursues the goal of turning products into products again. This is done on the basis of making raw panels again from the manufactured products.

Production process

MeSentia uses a pressing process with pressure and temperature to manufacture the products. The specially built machine for this process produces coated natural fiberboard from various raw materials and semi-finished products. A wide variety of material and decor combinations can thus be combined with the fiberboards.


The MeSentia process mainly uses two basic components. In addition to renewable natural fibers, it also uses high-quality thermoplastic resin. Based on the formulation, the raw boards, as well as the further processing into products, are ensured. It offers new possibilities to produce versatile products, especially in connection technology (hinges, fixed joints, etc.) and shaping. An essential main advantage to other raw materials offers the different functionality within one board, where with different base materials locally different properties can be realized (e.g. hard and soft, solid and formable etc.).

Development of products

MeSentia materials can be used, for example, in the manufacture of consumer goods or in furniture construction. First and foremost, MeSentia is currently developing and building furniture products that are relatively easy to implement in terms of requirements and possible guidelines. Developments are also underway in the consumer goods sector (storage boxes, bags, mobile transport containers, etc.). MeSentia defines itself as a development partner and is therefore looking for companies that want to redefine their products or open up new markets. Gimelli Engineering AG realizes the development work. MeSentia supports the development of these products, as well as the production, which can also be set up at the customer’s site. In this way, we also promote our efforts to ensure that value creation can take place where the consumer pays.

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