Moving pictures

A field report by Tobias Theuer

What do I actually want to tell you about this huge topic? I could write a lot about image composition, frame rates, HD, 4K, editing, etc.

Far more experienced people can explain it to you much better on Youtube.

Fanuc CRX

A new collaborative robot makes its debut
In early 2020, Fanuc introduced the new CRX collaborative robot series. With this, Fanuc is launching a new era in automation.

Relocation & Lessons Learned

Anyone who has ever moved with a company or made a new logo / corporate design knows that one could write books with the experiences.


A field report from the perspective of a product developer.

How do we use simulations and FEM analyses in our developments?
It is always the question whether one has enough security with the experience and know-how from other projects, whether one wants to make a rough calculation or whether a precise simulation is necessary

Ping! makes the idea

We tell you a story that is often repeated with us and yet unique each time! We always experience adventures and great challenges with customer inquiries, we want to fully grasp these and understand each other.

Panda #RoboticsBooster

In this post we explain the interaction of Franka Emika’s Panda Robots and their associated apps.
You may remember our friend and collaborator Levi.

Sustainability: Swiss Plastics Expo 2020

Swiss Plastics Expo is the Swiss trade show for everyone who works with plastics; Especially interesting for developers, engineers, production managers, product managers, quality managers and buyers.

Circular economy: the vision of MeSentia

Sustainability. What does that mean?
In MeSentia’s eyes, sustainability means applying the current state of the art in a sensible way and always being aware of where there is still potential for optimization.