Biodegradable plastics

Many of us have already done this: in the garden you lay out a large area of black mulch film to smother unwelcome herbage. The film is only a few µm thick and, according to the seller, should have rotted away after 4-6 months. Now, after 18 months, the film is still in the garden and has not decomposed. A colleague at work deposited his biodegradable coffee capsules, another colleague deposited the biodegradable plastic bags in the compost, but neither have degraded.

3D Printing: Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping
A big word. A buzzword with increasing importance in today’s industry. Ever shorter product cycles and constant pressure to innovate are leading to ever shorter development times, further increasing the importance of rapid prototyping.
But what is rapid prototyping? By definition, it is a manufacturing process that converts 3D data directly and quickly into workpieces without manual detours or molds. And what was a prototype again? Everyone knows the word, but not everyone is aware of what can be behind it.